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We will help you produce professional looking eBooks - extra help for new authors.
"Carol Watson, my wife, has edited the last 12 books I have written. Her assistance is my secret weapon for producing great looking books every time."
- Mark Watson, author and computer scientist

Services and Costs

Contact us with your requirements. We want to help you create great books.
Fast turnaround of your manuscript.

As an introductory price for our service we charge $100 for copy editing a small book of approximately 100 pages, or about 25,000 words. For a comprehensive editing service for a book of this size, we charge $200. The costs for larger or smaller books will be prorated.

The author provides a PDF file containing the manuscript and our editor provides a text edit changes file that contains corrections at the sentence level (old sentence and suggested corrected sentence). If a paragraph has structural problems, the editor returns the original paragraph and the suggested modified paragraph. Or if you prefer, our editor can make changes directly to your Microsoft Word file instead of delivering a text edit changes file.

We accept credit cards via PayPal.

Copy Editing

Too many books by new authors have spelling and grammar errors. We will get your eBooks in great shape for publishing.

Help with rewrites

While we specialize in copy editing we can also help you with general editing.

Stylistic Editing

We will assist with elimination of jargon and help you communicate with a clear writing style.

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